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Dice of Life: A Caltrop Core GameYou are a parent.
You have 1d4-1 kids (On a 0, you are expecting a child yourself, through your partner, a surrogate, or adoption).
Every day, you have 4 tasks to complete: Childcare(+), Employment, Housework, and Self Care.These tasks can be completed in any order.
Whenever you attempt a task, roll 1d4 to determine whether you "succeed" (complete the task unimpaired) or "fail" (cannot complete the task, or you complete it at a cost)
1 - you cannot complete the task. You lose 1 energy die tomorrow.
2 - you complete the task, but take a -1 penalty to the next roll you make.
3 - you complete the task.
4 - you complete the task and have a +1 bonus to the next roll you make.
(+) If you are expecting a child, this task is preparing for your new arrival. E.g. filling out paperwork, preparing their new room, etc.You begin each day with 3 energy die (d4s).You must choose to use your energy dice before you attempt a task. You may add as many dice as you wish from your pool to the roll.
When you roll multiple energy die, take the highest score to determine your success or failure.
You lose any unspent energy dice at the end of the day.
Before you complete your tasks each day, roll on the challenge table.
The result may affect the number of energy die you have, or grant you other benefits or penalties throughout the day.

1The whole family is sick. You have no energy dice today.Your child had a restless night. You have -1 energy die today.You have a big work deadline in the next few days. You must spend 2 energy die on "Employment" today.Today you are overwhelmed with responsibility. You cannot spend any energy die on "Self Care".
2You are sick. You have -2 energy die today.It's the weekend. You must spend 2 energy die on "Childcare" today.Your house smells very bad. You must spend 1 energy die on "Housework" today.A new season of your children's favourite TV show just dropped(+++). You get a +1 bonus to "Childcare" today.
3The house is a mess and you fear pests will soon move in. You must spend 2 on "Housework" today.Your colleagues keep sending you urgent messages. You must spend 1 energy die on "Employment" today.Today is a normal day. Nothing changes.Your partner or friend has the day off today and is here to help you out. You have +1 to all rolls today.
4Your child is sick and cannot go to daycare/school(++) today. You must spend 1 energy die on "Childcare" today.You have a relaxing evening planned with loved ones. You have a +1 to "Self Care" today.You got a good night's sleep. You have +1 energy die today.Your whole family is well rested. Any rolls of 1 or 2 today are considered 3s.

(++) Replace with "You have an important appointment today."
(+++) Replace with "You have some free time and energy to prepare today."
You are a parent.
This game never ends.